Scam-Savvy Subjects

Scam ID

Scam Identification

Learn about common scam tactics and how to respond to, and report, suspicious communications.

Financial Safety and Literacy

Understand how to secure your accounts, identify legitimate investments, and when not to share financial information.

Emergency and Family Situations

Learn about "emergency" calls from scammers and how to verify the authenticity of these communications.

Safe Social Media and Internet Use

Learn about privacy settings, avoiding clickbait and fake profiles, and common scams on social media.

About SilverWatch

The 21st century brings the conveniences of the modern age – online ordering, online entertainment, auto-payments, digital money transfers, smart phones… but these conveniences also come with new modern threats. Hackers and scammers are always looking for new methods to get at your money and identity, and even some of the classic scams are still being used. SilverWatch aims to teach how to spot these scams and how to fight them. In an ever accelerating digital world, knowledge is power.

In line with this, we have established our guiding principles – the 7 Ps – to help you remain vigilant and protected.



Be Persistant


Be Protective


Be Prudent


Be Perceptive


Be Prepared


Be Paranoid


Be Proactive

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